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White Rock-South Surrey

Welcome to the White Rock-South Surrey Division of Family Practice

Your family doctor is your partner in health. Through the White Rock-South Surrey Division of Family Practice, local family doctors come together to improve the delivery of health care in our community.

Nearly every White Rock-South Surrey family doctor is a member of our Division. Together, we work to achieve positive changes that will benefit our patients. One of our most significant successes is being among the first regions in BC to ensure there is a regular family doctor for every resident who wants one. At the White Rock-South Surrey Division, we are committed to building a healthier community for all.

Do you need a
family doctor?

Call the Central Registry at 


A family doctor is a main partner in your total health care.

Lifelong care from a family doctor is good for your health.

Please call only if you live in White-Rock South Surrey and do not currently have a family doctor.

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If you are a physician practicing in White Rock-South Surrey, join the White Rock-South Surrey Division of Family Practice now.

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