White Rock - South Surrey Division of Family Practice

Partners In Care

The Partners in Care initiative is a number of projects that represent the joint efforts of family physicians and specialist physicians throughout the province.

In White Rock-South Surrey, our physician members have identified the specialist referral process as a priority to improve.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Cary Sheppard, Program Coordinator, at csheppard@wrssdivision.ca.


Pathways Referral Tracker Implementation Progress

The Pathways Referral Tracker is an electronic referral status and patient notification system. It allows the status of a patient’s referral to be tracked by both GP and SP offices, from the moment the referral is sent to after the patient is seen by the SP.  The system electronically sends patients appointment reminders and pre-visit information.

Benefits of this system include, improved office efficiency, increased communication between GPs and SP offices and better patient care.

The Referral Process Project team is hearing great feedback from the community as we orientate new users on how to use the Pathways Referral Tracker. There are currently 81 GPs and 20 Specialists in the community using the Tracker. 

*GP offices are excited to have a system that tracks referral status and electronically notifies patients of appointment times.

*Specialist offices are finding the common dashboard extremely useful in keeping everyone on the same page.
Orientation sessions take less than one hour and a light breakfast or lunch is provided. If you have not yet scheduled your clinic's orientation session, please contact Cary csheppard@wrssdivision.ca or phone 604-531-1888.