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Enhanced Multidisciplinary Care (MDC) Services

To help increase capacity, efficiency, and the scope of health care support at family doctors’ offices, our Division created a pilot project that provided grants to assist local practices in adding nurses to their care teams.

The nurses contributed to patient care in four main ways:
  • helping patients with chronic diseases manage their health.
  • supporting patients with complex needs.
  • patient education.
  • vaccinations.
All family doctors reported significant benefits to their practices and their patients. Having a nurse as part of the practice’s care team meant more time for health care providers to spend with chronic disease and complex patients, more time for doctors to spend with other patients, and improvements in the quality of patient education.

Providing multidisciplinary care in family doctors’ offices also:
  • increased doctor capacity (doctors were able to accept more patients).
  • increased efficiency (more patients were seen each week, improving patient access to care).
  • improved quality of care for patients.
  • improved quality of doctor work life.
​2014 Evaluation Report

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