Residential Care Program

This program, which was launched in March 2011, has 10 family doctors providing enhanced clinical care and 24 hour coverage to nine different residential care facilities in the community. In partnership with the Fraser Health Authority and the Ministry of Health, the Division is in the process of evaluating early outcomes from this program. Goals include reducing the number of unscheduled transfers from residential facilities to the emergency department and reducing the number of residents taking nine or more medications. The program also aims to improve the experience of family physicians and residential care facility directors of care and their front line staff in these facilities. The Division is compiling existing data as well as feedback from surveys. Early indicators show identified goals are likely to be met.

Recently, the residential care medical directors participated in a focus group to document lessons learned from the first year of implementation. They also used this opportunity to identify potential program improvements for future years should it continue to be funded by the partners.

The funding for the program has been extended by the Ministry for another year. It is anticipated that the working group will continue to monitor its progress and report back to its partners.