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Our community’s doctors are committed to providing the best possible care for seniors living in residential facilities. Two of the main goals for our residential care program are to reduce the number of trips residents make to the emergency room and to have fewer residents taking more than nine medications, as both these situations can negatively impact our senior patients.

As of July 1, The Division has transitioned into a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Fraser Health Authority and now has 12 doctors providing enhanced clinical care and 24-hour availability to nine public and two private residential facilities in White Rock-South Surrey. By enabling round-the-clock patient care, doctors in residential facilities are better able to support patients where they live and reduce the need to visit the emergency room.

We are also actively working to reduce the number of medications seniors take. As we age, many people visit more than one medical professional who may prescribe long-term medication. Over time, these medications may no longer be needed or they may negatively interact with another medicine the patient is taking. Our goal is for patients to enjoy life with as few medications, and as few side effects, as possible.

The Residential ​Care ​Program was launched in 2011 and is operated by the Division in partnership with the Fraser Health Authority and the General Practice Services Committee. Based on the program’s success to date, the Ministry of Health has extended funding so it can continue province-wide.

In collaboration with the Practice Support Program, our Division has contributed to the design of an Implementation Guide for the initiative (found below). We are also part of a provincial working group that is developing a clinical education guide for practicing in Residential Care.


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