Burnaby Divisions of Family Practice

Primary Care Network (PCN)

The Ministry of Health has presented a vision for primary care that requires a significant paradigm shift for health and wellness.  The Burnaby Collaborative Service Committee(CSC)  firmly believes that Primary Care Network (PCN) development requires a holistic, integrated approach based on advancing physician practices to Patient Medical Homes (PMHs).  Networking PMHs across the PCN and integrating PMHs with the Fraser Health Authority (FHA) and community partners to work collaboratively in teams to provide optimal care to patients.  This approach will provide quality access to comprehensive primary care services and additional and stronger attachment of patients to family physicians (FPs).

The long-term vision for the Burnaby PCN is that primary care and wellness services provided by FPs, FHA resources and community organizations are fully integrated and accessible to residents closer to home.

Within the next few years, PCNs will be established in the municipally-defined neighbourhoods: Metrotown, Edmonds, Hastings/Brentwood and Lougheed.

Burnaby PCN Blueprint r12.5.jpg

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