Nanaimo Division of Family Practice

Residential Care Initiative

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) predicts a 120% growth in the residential care population between 2011 and 2036.  The GPSC is providing $12M per annum to help GPs  support long term care patients throughout the province. 

This funded system change is the Residential Care Initiative (RCI).

Nanaimo’s Community of Care

The Nanaimo Division of Family Practice, in partnership with the GPSC and Island Health, has designed a local solution to encourage the best possible care of complex residential care patients. This framework works towards achieving the GPSC 5 Best Practice Expectations with dedicated GP MRP services for all residential care patients, and is the basis for a proposed new Community of Care in Nanaimo.

Evolution not Revolution...

Whilst our aims are high we understand that change will not happen immediately. The Nanaimo Residential Care Initiative is an evolutionary process where we recognize that by working together we can, over time, improve patient care within the constraints of GP practice. 

We ​support the continuation of existing methods of practice that meet, or work toward, the best practice requirements.  

For example, we recognize that some physicians providing a high standard of care for their patients, may already be part of an on-call network within their clinic. The RCI encourages such examples of best practice within Nanaimo.

​​GPSC Best Practice Requirements

Improving Patient Care

The Initiative will support physicians who wish to ensure the high standard of care they have provided to their patients, sometimes, over many years, can continue. A physician may choose to benefit from the support of an annual payment of up to $320 per patient and Division led CME and tools for providing Geriatric care

Alternatively, Physicians may be reassured that if they need to concentrate on their daily practice, there will be a Residential Care Physician with capacity and processes in place to accept their patient into the RCI Community of Care and continue the quality of care which every patient and family deserves.

Supporting Physicians

The Nanaimo Division’s RCI will assist Physicians in the community by providing access to peer support and groups, together with CME events, and collaboration with allied health providers to help them achieve the GPSC 5  Best Practice Expectations. 

Removing Barriers

Right now, some Physicians report they experience challenges in providing care for patients living in long term care facilities.  These include the complexities of visiting patients across multiple sites, providing 24 hour care, and receiving support. The RCI team is working with stakeholders to identify and implement solutions which will help Physicians provide high quality care to their patients.


Downloadable Documents:

Policies and Guidelines

Meaningful Medication Reviews

RCI Information

BeST and Shared Rounds