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The Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice has partnered with local physicians to create an online directory ​of ​doctors in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows who ​are accepting new patients.


Physicians Currently Accepting in Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

There are currently no doctors accepting new patients, please check back again soon.

Nurse Practitioners Currently Accepting in Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

If you would like to consider being cared for by a Nurse Practitioner, please contact:

Fraser Medical Clinic 

Address: #100 - 11915 224 Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6B2
Phone: 604-463-1300


Not sure what a Nurse Practitioner is? Please read the following and determine if a Nurse Practitioner is the correct care giver for your health care needs.

Nurse Practitioners are complementary to Family Physicians (FPs) and can be key members of the primary care team.  While Nurse Practitioners provide a scope of outpatient primary care services which is similar to their Family Practitioner colleagues, it is recognized that the depth of medical expertise is not the same and there are areas of practice that are not considered within their scope. However, Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses with experience and advanced nursing education at the master’s level. Nurse Practitioners autonomously diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses. As advanced Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners do the following:

  • Analyze, synthesize and apply evidence to make decisions about their clients’ health care
  • Provide a comprehensive range of essential health services grounded in professional, ethical and legal standards within a holistic model of care
  • Work collaboratively with their clients to establish measurable goals, and identify and advocate to close gaps in health outcomes

For a complete explanation of the Scope of Practice for a Nurse Practitioner, please review the following link: https://www.bccnp.ca/Standards/RN_NP/StandardResources/NP_ScopeofPractice.pdf


Other Options & Current Available Resources

HealthLink BC 

Access the HealthLink BC Directory to find a local walk-in clinic. You can search for walk-in clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals, mental health programs, home care programs, pharmacy services, laboratory services, and more. 

Website: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/services-and-resources/find-services


View Medi-Map to see the current wait times for walk-in clinics. 

Website: https://medimap.ca/

Urgent and Primary Care Centre

You can also visit the Urgent and Primary Care Centre to receive care for non-emergency health concerns that should be treated within 12-24 hours. It can also provide access to a family doctor or nurse practitioner to patients who do not have a family doctor. Please click the following link to learn more: https://www.divisionsbc.ca/ridge-meadows/patient-medical-home/urgent-and-primary-care-centre

Address: CareLife Building, #153 - 11762 Laity Street
Phone: 604-476-7890
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday, 11 am-10 pm

Family & Friends' Recommendations

Ask family and friends for a recommendation and if their family doctor is currently accepting new patients.



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