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The Vancouver Division of Family Practice is a not-for-profit society funded by the Government of British Columbia and Doctors of BC, and works in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, British Columbia Ministry of Health, Providence Health Care, and other community organizations.  Our mission is to improve the primary care system in Vancouver for the benefit of our patients and members alike.

As the largest provincial division, membership of more than 1,000 family doctors represents 92% of the practicing family doctors in Vancouver and 25% of physicians in the Province.


Impact in our community

“I found the entire process to be amazing. I had been doctorless for about four years and was getting psychiatric refills from a walk-in. I was actually adjusting my own meds as required. And then, as if by miracle, I became a patient of (a doctor), who I think is quite fabulous. I can’t think of how this process could be any better. The woman to whom I spoke on the phone is wonderful, the follow up was great, and I went from DIY medicine to actual care in a matter of days. It’s been really wonderful to feel that people really give a damn. Thank you.” 
Patient Feedback Survey, Patient Attachment Initiative


What's New at Vancouver Division 


Annual Report 2016/17

Click here to download the VDoFP Annual Report and learn about the work being done at Vancouver Division. 

Changes to GPSC Incentive Fees in 2018 

(G14070 & G14071; G14015, G14016, G14017) and GPSC Portal fees (G14070 & G14071)
With the goal of better supporting improved access to care and quality of care for patients, the GPSC has introduced changes to some physician incentive fees. The changes were made in response to physician input and to support the goal of expanding and enhancing team-based care. The majority of changes came into effect as of October 1, with additional changes as of January 1, 2018, including those for the GPSC Portal (G14070) or GPSC Locum Portal fee (G14071), and for billing of G14070/71. For information on recent changes to the GPSC incentives, visit the GPSC website.

Vancouver Division Access to Telephone Interpreting Services

The Division has signed up for members to access on-demand phone interpreting services as part of the Provincial Language Service’s pilot project. The services are voluntary and at no cost to VDoFP members. Your toll free number and access information are:  
TFN: 1 844 350 8224 | Access Code: 3894

Click here to view and download

a quick reference for access, FAQ of the service, a list of languages offered, a point-to-language card, and the terms of service details which have been agreed to.

Become a Member

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice currently has more than 1,000 family doctors and resident members.

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Vancouver Division of Family Practice
202- 777 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V5Z 4J7

Tel:  604.569.2010
Fax: 604.321.5878
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