Welcome to the Vancouver Division of Family Practice

The Division is a not-for-profit society established by and for Vancouver family physicians. Our goals are to improve primary care for our patients and the Vancouver population, and to support family physicians and improve their levels of well-being and professional satisfaction.

We work in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, the British Columbia Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC, who trust us to be the voice of Vancouver family physicians.

VDoFP Clinical Dropbox Tool Is Coming on April 21!

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice Clinical Dropbox tool was developed by VDoFP Dropbox Editorial Board Members Drs Daniel Ngui, Serena Verma, and Claire Young, with input and support from Key Opinion Leaders Drs Nick Graham and Peter Marr. This cloud-based tool groups information by the therapeutic areas that are most commonly used by family physicians. 

The information is organized into over 50 categories (i.e. therapeutics, practice management) to enhance patient interaction and promote efficacy for family physicians by providing point of care access to information for each clinical encounter. Click here for more information.



What is Attachment (A GP for Me) and How Can You Help?

A GP for Me is an initiative of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health. It aims to:

•  strengthen the continuous family physician-patient relationship
•  better support the needs of vulnerable patients
•  enable patients that want a family doctor to find one
•  increase the capacity and improve the delivery of primary care in our community.

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice (VDoFP) is engaging family doctors (also known as general practitioners or GPs) and residents of Vancouver in the A GP for Me initiative to improve our primary care system, so that more people can have a strong relationship with a family doctor. 

Currently, one in six residents of Vancouver do not have a family doctor, and 24,000 are looking for one unsuccessfully. By improving primary care relationships, people will be healthier and the system will be more sustainable.

You can send your family, friends and patients to www.aGPforMeVan.ca  to take our brief survey, look at videos, join the conversation on social media and to give us feedback.



GP Registration for Attachment (A GP for Me)

If you are a Vancouver GP and would like to register with the Vancouver Division of Family Practice and access the new Attachment billing codes, email us at vancouver@divisionsbc.ca and say “Yes to Attachment” in the subject line.

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Our Membership

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice currently has over 750 family physician and resident members.

Maternity Care Resources

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice has developed concise and practical information sheets on early prenatal and postnatal maternity care in family practice. 

Early Prenatal Care Information Sheet

Early Postpartum Care Information Sheet 

UpToDate Access

Information and instructions
Find out more about UpToDate here

Become a Division Member

Are you a practicing Vancouver family physician? If so, we need you
The Vancouver Division is 100% membership-driven. The greater the diversity of physician input, the greater the opportunity to meaningfully address the gaps in primary care and meet the practice needs of family physicians and their patients in Vancouver. Find out more information on becoming a member.

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