Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Patient Attachment Initiative

Successful relationships built with over 6,718 patients, 89 referral partners, 98 family doctors


The Patient Attachment Initiative provides a streamlined real-time approach to prioritizing unattached complex care patients, ensuring a timely match to the most appropriate family doctors who have capacity to accept new patients into their practice. Success of the program centers on collaboration and strong relationships with patients, community partners and doctors.

Key features of the Patient Attachment Initiative:

• Understand detail care needs of patients in order to triage and prioritize patients requiring immediate primary care;

• Specific eligibility criteria for referrals to ensure patients are directed to providers most appropriate to their care;

• Collaborate with health system providers to ensure patients are supported through resources and doctor training;

• Close management of family doctors’ capacity by working together to ensure their sustainability in accepting patients.

“This service is the best. I was matched with a family doctor who is specialized in addiction. I am so happy to have such an understanding, amazing and compassionate doctor. So far he has been seeing me weekly for double the usual length of time. I am feeling really good.” – Complex Care Patient