Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Physician Wellness

Physician burnout is a major issue that affects a vast number of family physicians. In the Division's work towards supporting physicians to feel valued, represented and considered, we are excited to share this collection of wellness resources, including websites, books, podcasts and apps that has been created by Dr. Daniel Dodek.

Dr. Dodek writes a physician wellness column, Wellness with Dr. Dan, featured in the Division's Fast Facts bi-weekly newsletter. His discussion and presentation on specific resources centred around physician wellness can be found here

Dr. Daniel Dodek is a full-service family doctor interested in physician health and wellness. He wants doctors to experience joy in their work. He keeps a balanced lifestyle by running, cycling, playing tennis, gardening, and cooking with his wife and two kids. These resources were curated to promote the importance of wellness and outline practical wellness tools for physicians.



Physician Health Program

UBC Resident Wellness Resource

Overcoming Perfectionism

WellMD/Standford University

Center for Mindfulness

CMA Physician Health and Wellness

CMPA Wellness 


Practical Tool/ Handouts

Provincial Health Services Mindfulness

Abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventory 

5 Ways To Say No 

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time By: Harvard Business Review 

Healthy Mind Platter 

The Happy MD



The Doctor Paradox

Behind the Stethoscope

Physician Wellness First

Empowering Women Physicians

The Brave Enough Show 




10% Happier By: Dan Harris 


Breathe by Dr. Jud



The Wellbeing of Medical Relationships

Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity By: Dr. Ronald Epstein

Resilient By: Dr. Rick Hanson 

The Happiness Equation By: Neil Pasricha