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The Divisions provincial team has put together a number of resources to help local divisions. Click on one of the following images to access the resources under that topic area.


  • GPSC Visioning Steering Committee Meeting Summary

    This summary presents key items discussed by the GPSC Visioning Steering Committee (VSC) at the ​July 10 meeting, to inform local divisions of family practice and family physicians about the process. Click here to see all the summaries. >

  • Take the Lead

    There’s a right time to lead change. And, that time is now, and it starts with the Leadership and Management Development Program at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. The program is open to physicians who are already in a leadership role within their Division of Family Practice or are planning to be in a leadership role in the near future. >

  • GPSC monthly meeting summary

    Key decision/discussion points from the Ju​ly GPSC meeting>

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